John P. Bussa & Co Solicitors - Brisbane, Qld.

"I was singularly impressed with the report provided by John Pettit for use in a matter I was personally involved with, while appearing before the Australian Family Court. The report was of such quality and substance that the opposing legal team were at a loss as to how to respond, deny, refute, or challenge its content.  It was one of the best and most effective and comprehensive expert witness reports that I have seen in over twenty years of legal practice. It is now without reservation or hesitate that I recommend John Pettit to other legal practitioners seeking an expert witness in the discipline of Security Management."

John P. Bussa LLB, Principal. (Jan, 2009)

George West Solicitor & Attorney – Rooty Hill, NSW

I am pleased to provide this testimonial on behalf of Mr John Pettit, Forensic Security Consultant. John was recently retained by my firm to provide a forensic security report in respect to a personal injuries matter that I was involved in before the Supreme Court of NSW. It was refreshing to finally find a security expert who not only had experience, but had relevant formal tertiary qualifications in Security, Criminology and Occupational Health & Safety in order to be able to truly qualify themselves as an expert witness in the field of security. John’s understanding of the legal process was also evident in the manner in which he prepared and structured his reports. I have no hesitation in recommending John as a competent expert witness in the field of security to any other legal practitioner.

George West Dip. Law (SAB) SM, Principal. (June, 2012)

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